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October 25, 2016
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I Love My Dietitian

Once I started tracking my postpartum blood sugar (and weight), I realized I needed extra help, so I called one member of my diabetes care team I knew I could count on to get results, my dietitian.
I love my dietitian. I say that without a hint of sarcasm. She is awesome and she really knows her stuff. I love her so much that I don't care if insurance won't cover more visits and I have to pay out of pocket. Like a good therapist, she's worth every penny.
Before the visit, I told her what I wanted: A healthy diet that was a little higher in fat and protein, and lower in carbs than the traditional exchange diet. My goal is to manage my blood sugar and lose weight, while consuming enough calories to maintain my milk supply for breastfeeding. It's a delicate balance. Too few calories will hinder milk production, too many calories will hinder weight loss.
Having done the diabetes thing for a few years now, I'm pretty well-schooled in the diet and nutrition aspects of the disease. Giving me a revised meal plan could have easily been done in a quick 15 or 30 minute visit. Instead, she spent two and a half hours with me going over every detail. It wasn't done in a condescending way or even a remedial review of the basics, but rather an advanced lesson in meal planning.
We started with the number of exchanges I was allowed and the total calorie count. That was followed with breaking it down into meals and snacks, where I got to decided what to eat when. Then we took it a step further-a step I'd never managed to take before: exactly what would I eat for each meal.
By the end of the appointment, I had a list of options for each meal and snack, and instructions for how I could occasionally fit in some extra treats, like a glass a red wine or a sugar-free Klondike bar, while not going over my daily calorie limit.
Granted, in the busy haze of new motherhood, I haven't been able to follow the diet to the letter. The munchies that accompany the middle of the night feedings are still my biggest downfall. But going that extra step and having a list of what to eat when has really made this diet my most organized ever.

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