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October 21, 2016
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Michelle's Monday Morning Water Cooler

On walking: For the first time in five days, I took my daily morning walk. Saturday and Sunday. And man did it feel good. However, I'm going to have to fire Sarge. Despite the new "anti-pull leash" my walking partner still just doesn't seem to respond to it nor my constant pulling on him. He was doing OK on Saturday, but on Sunday I got so angry that I made the final decision. The Mr. keeps telling me to try certain things, different tricks. And all I can say is "Tried it." "Tried it." "Tried it." I want to be able to take Sarge with me. In fact, I feel like I'll be naked without him on my walk. Not to mention scared without my 90-lb. bodyguard. (Maybe I'll take his leash for moral support!) But like I told The Mr., the more I have to stop to teach Sarge, the less my walk becomes about me. And no matter what Sarge tells you, the walk is, indeed, all about me; he's just along for the ride.
On that note, I bought another alarm clock today. I even took the darn thing out of the box in the store to make sure it had an actual buzzer alarm and not that progressive alarm thing that hasn't been waking me up.
On food: I've always loved to bake. Lately, I've really been wanting to get into candy making. Well, after I got assaulted in the grocery store the other day by a recipe book, I made some truffles this weekend. Not only did I make them, but I went back to the store for more ingredients for different varieties of truffles. So, so bad. I can't wait to give these things away!
On holidays: Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. The Mr., too. We like it so much, that we got tired of not having enough leftovers several years ago. I started making a Day After Thanksgiving Thanksgiving just for our family. It's the whole feast, folks. For just the five of us. In addition to the candy and cookies and other holiday junk that's around this year, there is no shortage of fattening meals that I simply can't stay away from. Like Carey mentioned in one of his posts about needing Charlie to just be one of the guys and have ice cream despite a 300+ blood sugar, I believe holidays are much the same for me. I'm not saying that it's OK to go overboard for six weeks, but I do think it's OK to allow ourselves to indulge in holiday meals. How do you handle holiday meals?

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