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October 25, 2016
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Exam Time Low

It was another morning of summer school. Hoping to check off one more math class from the graduation to-do list, I ventured to endure this condensed and fast paced six week course. I was cruising along well, ready for the second exam on this day. Little did I know, diabetes would aim to work against me.
Due to the upped level of stress this summer season, I encountered some topsy-turvy blood sugar levels. Today was no different. Eleven O'clock on the button I walked into class and received my exam. I was given two and a half hours to complete it and knew I would use every minute. I suppose it was somewhere towards the end that things started becoming more of a challenge.
Simple operations were not coming as easily. I chalked (perhaps even dry-erased) it up to being taxed from the successive test questions I just completed. I beared down and worked the end of the exam the best I could.
Time was up and I handed in my work with enough confidence of passing, although not all together satisfied. After leaving the room, I tested my blood sugar and found 65 mg/dL staring back at me. It all clicked. My dropping numbers were the reason I was losing focus on my work. It is funny to me now- low blood sugar didn't even enter my mind.
Perhaps I could have stepped out briefly during the exam and popped some glucose tabs, but my intent focus and thinning sugars kept me from processing that logic.
It didn't make a profound difference in my overall course grade but it would have been nice to finish that test on an even playing field. Exam vs. Me, Diabetes banned at the door.

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