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July 28, 2015
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Counting Fingers

Like many others in the diabetes online community, I was very happy to see Denise Faustman’s clinical testing of a type 1 diabetes vaccine moving to phase 2. While I’ve learned to contain my happiness when stories about cures for diabetes come and go, I do believe that if there is one, it will be her warm, bespectacled and freckled face on the front page of the story. While I take the news with a grain of salt, it’s certainly better to... (READ MORE)

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Junkfood Fundraising and the Public Perception of Diabetes

Yesterday morning, Dr. Yoni Freedhoff posted another diatribe (with photos) on the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation's fast-food fundraising campaigns. Granted, most fast-food is laden with sugars, bad fats, and excessive calories that make it among the worst possible dietary choices. Granted, most of us (with and... (READ MORE)

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Ice vs Land

Either we’ve completely bought into the cream-filled notion that people with type 1 diabetes can do anything or we’ve absolutely lost our minds. Following an intense week of hockey camp, Charlie just completed an intense week of lacrosse camp. The difference for me was that the first week I was camped out at the rink, running around like a pancreas with its head cut off. During this past week of lacrosse camp, I was back at work in a much more civilized... (READ MORE)

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Elecrolyte Replenishment

Some famous sports drink makers would like us to think that the only thing we need to power a professional-level workout is a cold fluid with lots of sugar, sodium (salt), and maybe a touch of potassium. At least, that's the impression I get when I look at the nutrition panel of a bottle of Gatorade. It doesn't make much sense to me to add a couple of hundred calories to my daily toll when I've not expended that much... (READ MORE)

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The Italian Spy

I hate that it has to be this way, but we were due for a high. Not just a fleeting high; a high that lingers into the early evening and stays like unwelcome houseguests long into the night. The week of hockey camp kept Charlie’s blood sugars in or below range around the clock. He barely touched 200. We were definitely due and there it was, while sitting down for dinner at a pizza place. Charlie, to his credit, was very good about finding... (READ MORE)

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Megan Holmes
Megan Holmes Megan was diagnosed in 2009 with Type I. As an RN, she was familiar with the medical side of her diagnosis; learning to be a good patient on the other hand, was and continues to be the challenge of her day to day life.   (Read More)
Michelle Kowalski
Michelle Kowalski Michelle Kowalski, a writer, editor and photography hobbiest living in Phoenix, was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in February 2005. In January 2008, as part of her quest to start on an insulin pump, Michelle learned that she actually has type 1 diabetes.   (Read More)
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