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Secret Snackers put up a good front, eating all the "right" foods, but once their guard comes down, it all falls apart. They're prone to bingeing. They may be virtuous during the day simply because they're so busy it's easy to be good. Come evening, they're ravenous, scarfing down (usually high-carb) foods. Snacking at night is a double whammy, too. Nighttime eaters tend to consume more calories overall and also tend to gain more weight. For one thing, they're not hungry the next morning, and often skip breakfast — starting the cycle again.

Bottom line advice: Your best solution is to eat breakfast and have a good selection of healthy, low carb snacks handy to eat throughout the day — not only will this fuel your body more naturally and steadily but is also the ticket to better blood glucose levels. Maybe if you allow yourself small indulgences, too, you will feel less need to sneak.

Gluck, ME, CA Venti, AD Salbe, J Krakoff. 2008. Nighttime eating: commonly observed and related to weight gain in an inpatient food intake study. 88 (4): 900–5.

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