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Royal Roller Coasters too often eat according to how they feel. We all know the Bridget Jones stereotype, a female who deals with a breakup or other blow with a spoon and a pint of ice cream. No bowl required. Or maybe she turns to chocolate. The weight loss plan? Out the window. And sometimes, the same response can be triggered when the Roller Coasters are ecstatically happy. Maybe they land a good job, and on the way home that day buy a box of cupcakes displayed in a bakery window. In a study that spanned 50 years, researchers found that people who scored the highest on "impulsivity" weighed 24 pounds more on average than people who scored lowest.

Bottom line advice: Moods, by definition, are temporary — time them, and you'll know how long you need to ride out your cravings to avoid impulsive eating. Treating yourself once in a while is fine, but swinging from deprivation to overindulgence according to the pendulum of your moods wreaks havoc on both your waistline and your blood sugar levels.

Sutin, Angelina R, Luigi ferrucci, Alan B Zonderman, Antonio Terracciano. 2011. Personality and obesity across the adult lifespan. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. 101(3): 579–592

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Last Modified Date: April 29, 2013

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