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Tom picBy Tom Karlya

March 2013 — I want to introduce you to a few people. Well not really to you as much as to your child with diabetes. I have included a pretty comprehensive list of people who have type 1 Diabetes. They are not kids anymore, they are adults.

Some were diagnosed children, some as a tweens and teens, and some later in life. These people write about what it is like to live with diabetes because they actually have diabetes.

We can think we know, but we do not — if you've never had it, you cannot know. It's impossible. Just that simple. Read through the list, do your parent due diligence; but the simple truth remains that some of the best advice will only come from people who know.

People who live it.

Our kids know we don't have it either. As I have stated before, this group from the Diabetes Advocates web page does not have to write about what they know. But they do. They do it with humor, pain, and reflection to help all those who are on the same journey that they have been on for some time.

Take a look and choose the ones that may fit into your life, and more importantly, into your child's life. We bring in experts for every aspect of our child's diabetes life but do we ever bring in someone who may better speak their language; and their feelings?

Here is your chance.

The gift is a big one. The gift of knowledge from people in the know and take a back seat for a while… you may learn also.

I am a diabetes dad.

Diabetes Online Community Resources for Type 1 Diabetes by People with Type 1 Diabetes

bittersweetdiabetes.com Karen Graffeo
Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in Dec 1979, Karen blogs about its up and downs at Bitter-Sweet.

countrygirldiabetic.blogspot.com Cara Richardson
Living life with type 1 diabetes. Every day, every hour, every minute!

blog.sstrumello.com Scott Strumello
Scott writes about and provides an analytical view of the most current type 1 diabetes issues, including his acclaimed ‘Business of Diabetes' feature.

1happydiabetic.com Bill Woods
Bill produces diabetes video logs, or vlogs. It's all about having the right diabetes attitude.

alizawithdiabetes.com Aliza Chana Zaleon
Aliza lives with type 1 diabetes and multiple other chronic illnesses. She tries not to let that define her; rather, she has decided to DEFY the odds!

bloggingdiabetes.com Tony Rose
A blog and podcast about real life with diabetes.

diabetesaliciousness.blogspot.com Kelly Kunik
Author of the patient blog, Diabetesaliciousness. Kelly is a diabetes advocate; blogger, speaker, writer, humorist and living-with-diabetes consultant.

diabetesinspain.com Mike Young
Mike is interested in healthcare social media consulting and diabetes advocacy.

diabeticallyspeaking.com Martin Wood
Diabetically Speaking is about life with diabetes and all the adventures that happen in between. Martin Wood has had type 1 diabetes for more than 30 years, and is a medical librarian, a cyclist, and a purveyor of all things awesome. Martin has an affinity for all things plaid, and believes that in everything we do, we should find a way to have fun doing it.

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Last Modified Date: July 17, 2013

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