Interview with dLife RCT Principal Investigator


This 10 minute audio only file contains an interview conducted by Adam Kaufman, Ph.D, dLife's General Manager of Healthcare Solutions and Dr. Margaret Rukstalis, principal investigator of the dLife/Geisinger Health System Randomized Control Trial regarding the impact of dLife's diabetes self care engagement multi-channel, multi-media platform.

Last Modified Date: March 19, 2013

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by Carey Potash
Charlie’s 12-year anniversary with type 1 just passed and I still know nothing about this diabetes and why it hates us so much. As if to remind us that it was its anniversary, diabetes unleashed hell on Friday. Charlie was stranded well over 400 for hours and even tipped the scale at 580. Susanne pulled Charlie out of school and started what became a wartime exercise in futility. It was one of the worst blood sugar days we’ve had in years. ...