Crossing Generations

dLifeTV Show 246

crossing generations


Highlights: One family shares how diabetes has brought them closer together; from the dLife kitchen, a tasty baked treat — sugar free cheesecake; and Jim Turner shares his low blood glucose experience while dreaming; and Nat Strand, type 1 since 12, shares her journey around the globe to conquer television's Amazing Race.

Special guest: Dr. Nat Strand Web Extras:


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by Brenda Bell
One of the online diabetes groups I belong to (but don't frequently post to) is geared towards "frum" (Orthodox or "observant") Jewish people with (mostly type 1) diabetes. Most of the chat on the mailing list centers around people needing last-minute supplies before Shabbat or a holiday, where to acquire supplies and get medical help when visiting Israel, and advice on which pump is best for one's type 1 child — in other words, the usual sort of diabetes chatter, but...