The eggs-traordinary breakfast food!

Eggstraordinary Breakfast FoodsBreakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but it’s also one of the toughest for people with diabetes. Breakfast staples like bagels, pancakes, muffins, and cereal are high in carbohydrates. Fortunately, we’ve got eggs – incredibly nutritious and the perfect low-carb, low-calorie breakfast food. Today, try something new with this versatile breakfast food. Spice it up with chili powder. Throw in leftover meat, poultry, or veggies. Add a half-cup of any kind of cheese you like. There are endless possibilities, so get creative and get cooking!

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Last Modified Date: November 28, 2012

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by Carey Potash
I don’t know exactly what it is. I just know I absolutely despise it. I don’t know what to call it, so I just say that Charlie is going through a thing. Going through a thing might be puberty or it might be the beginnings of a cold or virus or maybe a combination of the two. What I do know is that it completely sucks! It lasts for about three to five days every month or so and brings with it uncontrollable blood sugars that stay in the upper 300s for hours and hours...