How Diabetes Complications Can Affect the Kind of Birth You Have (Continued)

Overall, she said, the experience "wasn't bad, but I know if I hadn't been diabetic, I probably wouldn't have had to be induced or have a c-section. I feel things turned out the way they should have, and in the end, was happy with how things went—probably because I had my baby. If I ever want to attempt to have a vaginal delivery, I will have to go to a different hospital, so that is something to consider. I would be willing to have another c-section, even though the recovery time is longer, to be able to deliver closer to home."

Alycia Green had wanted to deliver vaginally and then immediately bond with and breast-feed her son. "I had a birth plan, but I found that everything I had read about birth plans ‘going out the window' when the time came was accurate," she said. "My son was breech for most of the pregnancy, so I had to have a c-section instead of a vaginal birth. His blood sugars were low [at birth], so I was not able to see him immediately. The NICU took him and tried to get blood sugars up by dipping a pacifier in a glucose solution and also by feeding him formula—something I honestly did not want. Those measures were insufficient, so they had to put him on an IV. I felt so horrible. I had excellent control throughout the pregnancy and did not anticipate any big problems. I felt so guilty."

It's hard to keep in mind in the heat of the moment, or even in the hazy, sleep-deprived time after giving birth, but often things just happen. Don't beat yourself up if your child is premature or has other health problems. Grieve for what you want to grieve for, but focus on what comes next and what you (and the hospital and the doctors) will do to help get your baby the care required to thrive and be healthy.

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