During a dry run this summer, my hubby and I got a sneak preview ofan empty nest--a life without boys. And one of our realizations has been a rediscovery of our own taste buds. No longer a slave to their preferences, veggie or non-veggie, we actually got to pick the menu.

Rather than shopping for mass consumption, I've been able to concentrate on buying better food and less of it, since neither of us require every-other-hour food transfusions.

Basically, our choices are the Jack Sprat model – my husband can eat no fat, and when I'm low-carbing, I'm on the side of no lean. But between us, we carved out a place where chicken, fish and the occasional hamburger works just fine. We've spent the summer downing blueberries – high in antioxidants – with a splurge of whipped cream on occasion, and sharing a glass or two of heart-healthy red wine. We've tossed the ice cream – important for spur of the minute milkshakes – for sorbet.

The results have been impressive – a clean bill of health for him, a recent 5.8 A1C for me – the lowest ever.

I'm not suggesting that having the boys out of the house is a good thing – far from it. I'm going to miss them like crazy. And when they return, you better believe I'll be at the door with a plate full of homemade peanut butter cookies. But clearing the decks of the high carb treats will make my life a bit easier. And a lot healthier.

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Last Modified Date: February 15, 2013

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