Mind your meals

5e0ab5e8-6383-11df-9ed1-0017a4aa266a Make Meals an Event, Not an Afterthought Don't sabotage weight loss efforts by falling into the trap of mindless eating. Make sure your meals are an event instead of an afterthought. Eat at the table instead of in the car or in front of the television. You'll be less likely to over-indulge and you'll enjoy yourself more. And don't let food become the answer to boredom. Keeping a food diary will help you recognize patterns when you're eating "just to eat" and not for hunger.

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Last Modified Date: November 28, 2012

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by Brenda Bell
Years before I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, The Other Half came out of a doctor's appointment with a diagnosis of "borderline diabetes" and an ADA exchange diet sheet. His health insurance agency followed up on the diagnosis with a glucometer and test strips. After a year or so of trying to follow the diet plan and test his glucose levels, things appeared to be back in "normal" range, and stood there until a couple of years after my own diagnosis. Shortly...
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