Holiday Resources (Continued)


Toasting the Season
Cheers to you, yours, and your diabetes! Make sure you have all the facts on enjoying that holiday cocktail and good health.


snowflakeTaking Care of your MistleToes
Looking for shoes that showcase your savvy but don't sacrifice your safety? Read dLife columnist Joy Pape's article on diabetes and holiday footwear.


snowflakeCoping with the Stress of the Season
Don't think you can make it through another year of parties and holiday pressures? Here are seven tips for making it through the season with your sanity and blood sugar intact.

snowflakeDiabetes and Weather
Keeping safe and having fun in winter weather.


snowflakeEating and Cooking Tips for a Healthy Holiday
Great holiday pointers from expert columnist Lara Rondinelli.


snowflakeHave the Holiday Blues?
Expert columnist Janis Roszler offers some tips for coping with winter sadness.


snowflakeControlling Holiday Excesses
Melissa Conrad Stppler talks about healthy restraint.


snowflakeTrim Your To-Do List
Viewpoints columnist Deanna Glick has some sanity-saving suggestions.


snowflakeHave a Healthy Holiday
Expert columnist Lara Rondinelli helps you survive the holidays this year while still remaining healthy by eating smart and following a few tips.


snowflakeDiabetes and Special Occasions
Don't let diabetes keep you away from celebrations and gatherings with friends and family. Follow these simple tips for making it through, and enjoying, special occasions.


snowflakeA dLife Holiday
Former dLifeTV host Nicole Johnson shows us how she makes her holiday season healthier.


snowflakeThe Winter Blahs
Sometimes the snowy season makes you feel down. Knowing the facts about diabetes and depression can help you through a tougher time.


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by Nicole Purcell
I had a bad one last night. A scary low bloodsugar that reminded me just how tenuous diabetes makes my existence. I hate those. I hate the feeling that I'm anything less than a strong, capable woman. Diabetes, like a sledge hammer to the knees, has a way of hobbling the confidence I have in my health, strength and well-being. It is both frustrating and disheartening. It's 2:00 am and a good friend called from their third shift job because they needed someone. Just...