The 2010 Lisa Awards (Continued)

MARY PODJASEK-For the last two years the Diabetes Scholars Foundation has awarded 38 young people a college scholarship. All recipients have one thing in common; they all have type 1 diabetes. (Fair disclosure—my daughter received one of these scholarships two years ago.) This foundation funds higher education, and it also offers the means for families to attend CWD conferences, including Friends for Life.

Mary Podjasek, president of the Diabetes Scholars Foundation, has worked tirelessly in trying to make this a reality each year. Mary should be thanked for keeping this program alive. This program is still young and will get stronger. You can bet on it--Mary lives her life in the incredible Power of One Person.

JILL KARLYA-I close this month by bestowing my final Lisa Award for this year to my wife Jill. As many of you know, our son Rob was diagnosed with diabetes right after Lisa's death last year. I cannot describe how hard it is to have two children with diabetes. If you have two, you know. It's not just double whatever it is you are feeling or doing. It is a feeling of disbelief, it is questions, and it is a pain that does not go away. It's different for a father than a mother. The guilt is felt by both and many other feelings are similar but there is a different pain that only a mother feels. Despite this void that Jill has, she has balanced the enormity of all of this and proved to all three of our children that a family can grow and, dare I say, thrive, despite diabetes. She has proved that even as she has helped so many others, it is the world with a home address that needs The Power of One more than anywhere else. And Jill is the best at it. Lisa loved Jill, she always knew her heart; and Jill felt the pain when Lisa was gone as well.

To all who are recipients of this year's Lisa Award: you are beacons of light. You are the spirit of hope. You are the Power of One Person. I am a diabetes dad.

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