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What it offers: Each week, you get a complete list of meal plans — breakfast, lunch, and dinner — that match your diet preferences. Recipes and grocery lists are automatically customized according to how may servings you need for your family or guests.

How it works: MealMixer generates a weekly meal plan and grocery list for you. If necessary, you can select other meals you're in the mood for. MealMixer tracks your dietary intake against your diet goals.

What they say: MealMixer can create custom shopping lists and menus based on your diabetic nutritional needs. The site allows you to manage your carbohydrates, calories, sugar, fiber, sodium, calcium, cholesterol, and exercise. "Our meal plans give you everything necessary to plan and track your carbohydrate/sugar intake, save time and money shopping, prepare tasty and healthy meals for you and/or your family, and keep track of your diet to control your waistline."

Options: Return to the site each day to record actual exercise and eating. At the end of the week, archive and share the diet log with your doctor or dietitian.

How much you can expect to lose and how fast: The average MealMixer user on one of their weight loss plans loses two pounds per week over the course of 13 weeks.

Cost: $14.95 per month (10 day free trial)

Contact: Go to

Have you tried MealMixer? Let us know how it was! Send an email to: and type "diet reviews" in the subject line. Or, go to our Food Talk forum and post your thoughts there.

Meal Plans


What it offers: A four-week diabetes meal plan package with 143 meals that you combine with your own fresh foods. A la carte items are also available.

How it works: Select the Diabetes 4-week Package on their website, and it is shipped directly to you.

What they say: Medifast emphasizes portion control at regular intervals throughout the day to successfully lose weight and improve health. The Medifast for Diabetes Program is low calorie and low glycemic. All products are suitable for individuals with type 2 diabetes and feature low glycemic carbohydrates. "The Medifast for Diabetes Program provides fewer calories, carbohydrates and sugars than the standard American Diabetes Association (ADA) diet."

Options: Free online health coach and access to the Medifast online support community. You can also visit a Medifast Weight Control Center for personal counseling.

How much you can expect to lose and how fast:A study at the John Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health found that 112 Medifast participants with diabetes lost an average of 5 percent of their initial body weight in 34 weeks, and 24 percent of the users decreased their need for diabetes medications compared to those on an American Diabetes Association diet.

Cost: $299.50 for four weeks (143 meals)

Contact: 800.638.7867;

Have you tried Medifast? Let us know how it was! Send an email to: and type "diet reviews" in the subject line. Or, go to our Food Talk forum and post your thoughts there.

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