2009: Year in Review (Continued)

A Look Ahead - Coming in 2010!

  • Insulet/DexCom CGM-integrated pump: Insulet and DexCom have partnered to develop an integrated CGM/pump, and we expect some tangible results from this in 2010. Insulet's OmniPod System Personal Diabetes Manager will now also be able to display and record data from DexCom's wearable wireless sensor. Medtronic has had a monopoly on integrated systems up until now, but in 2010, they may well see some competition and not just from Insulet …

  • Animas/DexCom integrated pump: DexCom has also teamed up with Animas (makers of the OneTouch Ping), to allow Animas' pumps to display readings from a DexCom wireless CGM sensor. Animas currently does not make a disposable pump (like the OmniPod), but it has a larger customer base (second only to Medtronic), and we believe many will look to upgrade.

  • Smaller OmniPod: Patch pumps offer a great advantage by being tubeless, but one of the main improvements about the OmniPod patients would like to see was its form factor: it protrudes off the skin more than some would like, and some patients worry that they will detach it inadvertently. In 2010, or possibly 2011, Insulet will launch a 40% smaller version of the OmniPod that will be less visible under clothing and much smaller – we see this product as a major winner when it gets through FDA and look very forward – we also believe this could expand the pump market significantly.

  • Medtronic Revel sensor-augmented pump: Medtronic plans to release its Revel sensor-augmented pump, the next iteration of its current Paradigm pumps, between April and June 2010. The Revel promises to have sophisticated software, including features such as predictive and rate of change alerts. The system will also use features for individual groups. Children, for example, will be offered a lower minimum basal delivery, and patients with type 2 will receive a larger maximum bolus and advanced carbohydrate-ratio calculations. Medtronic is making the pumps more customized, which are always in demand. Too, Medtronic is hard at work on a disposable pump – we look forward to seeing this on the market and to making disposable pumps open to more people.

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