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October 25, 2016
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Chris Stocker

Chris Stocker was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in April of 2004 when he was admitted into the ER with a blood glucose of 858. Since diagnosis, Chris has gone on to write The Life of a Diabetic, a blog about living with type 1 diabetes.  Chris is an insulin pump and CGM user and a lover of diabetes technology.  Chris is also President, CEO of an online marketing company that he started in 2009. Chris is also a full time husband and father.

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Using an Algorithm to Create a Personalized HbA1c Target

A newly developed computer based algorithm can help determine a target HbA1c’s for individual Type 2 patients.

In 2012, the American Diabetes Association and the European Association for the Study of Diabetes each called for a more “patient centered” approach to type 2 diabetes. Th (READ MORE)

One Drop App for iPhone and Apple Watch

Apple products, such as iPhones and the Apple Watch, now have access to a free downloadable app called One Drop. This new app, created by Jeff Dachis, is designed to help people with diabetes manage their daily lives with diabetes to help them live happier and healthier. The app allows users to v (READ MORE)

Medtronic and IBM Watson Health

IBM is reinventing itself with its development of the Watson Health unit and its venture into the Health Care Industry. The Watson computer is capable of understanding the English language, it can gather and learn from data at an up-to-date-speed, and it is capable of storing all of the data in t (READ MORE)

Google is Getting Serious about Sensor Technology by Acquiring Patent for Glucose-Sensing Contact Lens

Google recently received a patent for a new innovative contact lens that will be designed to monitor user’s glucose levels. The patent was applied for back in September of 2012 and was eventually granted on March 24th of this year. The patent, discovered by WebProNews, does not specifically refle (READ MORE)

Merck Announces Smart Insulin: Biotechnology in the Bloodstream

Pharmaceutical company Merck and its partners are introducing a new nanotechnology that could minimize the need to check insulin levels and conduct daily injections. They call it Smart Insulin, and it is making waves in biotechnology and Diabetes research.


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